Helping Seniors and Families Navigate Change

Helping Seniors and Families Navigate Change

Navigating Change Together

Transitions With Dignity enables families to help their elderly loved ones change their living situation. Whether a home needs modifications to be made safe, or if a different living situation needs to happen, we work with seniors and their families to find the best solution. We will point you to many resources to help guide you and assist you through this process. We help families move from Hope, to Empowerment, to Dignity in their lives.

Carol, Our Senior Transitions Authority, is an experienced Realtor who can help you sell a home that no longer meets your needs. She can also help you purchase a home that is a better fit or guide you towards a living situation that meets your current needs. You can trust Carol to help you with your transition process to make changes easier.

Carol Phillips

About Carol Philips

Carol Phillips is your Senior Transitions Authority in the Phoenix area. She helps families and homeowners with their unique real estate situations and challenges. Carol has helped many people in the circumstances just like yours.

Whether the family is in a crisis mode and needs to find a different living situation immediately, or if the situation allows for more time so that a slower plan can be developed and implemented, Carol can help you through these challenges. Carol is also available for speaking engagements to discuss each part of this process.

Check Out My New Book!

Do you have a senior family member who has changing health and living needs? Do you know the difference between Senior living options and what they cost? Would you like to have a thorough plan in place that offers different options based on your needs, wants, and budget to help you make a smooth transition? Would you like to know more about what to do with your existing home?

Transitions with Dignity will answer these questions and many more. If you are a Senior homeowner planning to make a change or have a family Senior member that you are helping through a crisis, this book is for you. This book will help you if you are in the planning stages, or it will help you if you are currently in crisis mode and need to make changes fast. This book will either help you develop and implement a plan and a solution for your situation. With a plan, you can move from Hope to Empowerment to Dignity