Hello, wonderful souls! Carol Phillips here. I am your dedicated Sherpa, guiding you through the complex maze of senior transitions. Today, we’re plunging into a vortex of an intriguing technique that could serve as a compass. Let it help you and your beloved family members traverse the diverse terrain of change. And the tool we will be using is called More Of – Less Of or as it is affectionately known MOLO.

The Tempest of Change

Change, an undying constant, can often appear as a tempest. It can create a whirlwind of challenges that seem to grow larger and more intricate with every twist and turn. Amid this tumultuous storm, an anchor I’ve discovered in my voyage as a Seniors Real Estate Specialist is the “More Of – Less Of” approach. This strategy, eloquently outlined in Tony Jeary’s captivating read, “Designing Your Own Life,” offers a beacon of hope in the thick fog of uncertainty.

Picture this: a profound, heart-to-heart dialogue with your cherished one, gently probing. You ask, “What would you like to have MORE OF in your life, and what would you like to have LESS OF in your life?” The answers that unravel will weave together to form a vivid tapestry. It’s a roadmap guiding you through the labyrinth of these senior transitions in harmony.

Our cherished one’s wishes may span a wide spectrum. And their requirements might ebb and flow along the journey. Their MOLOs could encompass a longing for increased social interaction, a thirst for physical activity, or a desire for diminished home maintenance or cooking duties. These exploratory conversations should occur naturally and periodically. This allows ample room for envisioning their road ahead.

Difficult Discussions

An indispensable component of this process is assembling a supportive ensemble around your loved ones. Form a coalition united by a shared mission and committed to keeping their best interests at the heart of every decision. This collective, possibly comprising family members, will contribute their unique perspectives to the MOLO discussions. And it fosters a multi-faceted, compassionate understanding of your loved one’s needs and aspirations.

As you set sail on these MOLO conversations, ready yourselves to embark on a series of dialogues that may challenge, invigorate, and lay bare profound truths. It’s a voyage of revelation. Also it provides a golden opportunity to glean insights into what deeply resonates with your loved ones as they gracefully transition into this novel chapter of life.

Be Prepared For Emotions

In your dialogues, you might encounter a torrent of emotions, a kaleidoscope of ideas, and even some surprises along the way. You might find your father yearning to learn Spanish, something he’s always fancied but never had the chance to pursue. Or perhaps your mother would prefer to relinquish the mantle of household chores. Maybe she wants a life where she can indulge in her long-postponed painting aspirations. These revelations, though potentially challenging, can also be deeply liberating.

The “Less Of” part of the conversation can be equally revealing and might even stir a chuckle or two. Imagine your mother’s exasperation at the thought of an incessant knock at her door, dragging her away from her cherished reading sessions to partake in activities she has no interest in! It’s these light-hearted moments that can offer a much-needed reprieve from the intensity of these discussions. These discussions can remind us that it’s okay to laugh in the face of change.

Geographic Considerations

Geographical preferences, too, can become an intriguing component of the MOLO discourse. Your loved ones might cherish the company of their local community over the prospect of living closer to family. They might prefer the tranquility of their current environment, the climate, or the simple familiarity of the place they call home. It’s essential to engage in these conversations with an open heart and mind. Understand that their choices are a reflection of their unique identities and experiences.

By the end of this expedition, you and your family will have cultivated a richer understanding of your loved one’s envisioned future. This journey will undoubtedly be fraught with challenges. But it is also a golden opportunity to foster a deeper bond, to appreciate their individuality, and to reinforce their sense of empowerment and dignity.

Ultimately, the MOLO methodology transcends the mere identification of needs and desires. It’s about recognizing and celebrating the uniqueness of our loved ones. Also, it’s about comprehending that change can be an empowering expedition, a pathway that culminates in a fulfilling, dignified existence.

On a lighter note, let’s not forget that humor can often serve as a delightful sidekick on this journey. It can offer a refreshing pause from the gravity of serious deliberations. And it can act as a reminder that despite the hurdles, there’s always space for mirth and merriment.

Don’t Forget About Your’s and Your Family’s Needs

In this expedition, don’t forget to contemplate your own needs and those of your family. Because balance is paramount. And your loved ones’ necessities should harmonize with your capacity to provide care and support. It’s about curating a nurturing habitat that cultivates autonomy, comfort, and joy for all stakeholders.

Wrapping Things Up

As we draw the curtains on this conversation, I encourage you to download a handy MOLO list from the Resources page on my website, TransitionsWithDignity.com. After all, it’s a functional toolkit that can assist you in launching your exploration into the MOLO technique.

The dialogue examples provided earlier are just that – examples. And they’re stepping stones to bridge the gap between uncertainty and clarity, to ignite conversations that kindle a sense of direction. These conversations will surely be as diverse as the individuals participating in them. After all, every family, every loved one, will have their own unique mosaic of wants and needs, desires and aversions. However, the ultimate goal remains the same: to ensure a future that echoes their heart’s deepest yearnings and respects their individuality.

And so, dear friends, as we navigate the intricate labyrinth of senior transitions, let’s remember that every roadblock is but a stepping stone to a brighter tomorrow. Let’s keep our sails trimmed to the winds of change, our hearts open to the echoes of our loved ones’ voices, and our minds receptive to the wisdom they impart.

This is Carol Phillips, your steadfast guide on this complex journey, signing off for now. Remember, every step, every MOLO conversation, draws us closer to a future that’s as vibrant and fulfilling as your loved ones deserve. Until we meet again, may the winds of change steer you toward the shore of compassion, understanding, and love.


Carol Phillips
Seniors Real Estate Specialist and Certified Probate Real Estate Specialist in Phoenix
Author of “Transitions With Dignity, A Six Step Blueprint To Help Your Loved One Embrace Change”

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