Tidying Up Documents and Mementos is a critical task before any senior move.

Hello my dear readers. It’s Carol Phillips here again, hoping to make your day a bit brighter as we traverse another step in our journey. Today, we explore the somewhat perplexing world of tidyiing up documents, mementos, and a term that might burst into your life like a surprise party – the “Shred-a-thon.”

Tidying Up Documents – A Critical Task

As we progress through our loved one’s transition, the subject of what to do with their documents, mementos, and miscellaneous papers can often feel overwhelming. But fear not! With a little organization and a dash of understanding, we can break this down into manageable tasks.

Most of the crucial documents should already be tucked away safely in your “Essential Documents” folder. However, for the remaining files, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and sort them into three main categories: trash, family mementos, and shred.

Putting out the Trash

The “trash” pile should include any document no longer relevant, items that wouldn’t pique the interest of other family members, and importantly, those without any personal identifiers like social security numbers. This pile might also include miscellaneous items like old recipes or magazines that your loved one saved for future reference.

Family Mementos

The “family mementos” pile is where you gather sentimental items. Think of grade school artwork, high school yearbooks, honor certificates, photographs, and so on. You might also find unique mementos related to your loved one’s hobbies or career, which might be of great interest to family members or even historical societies.

What to Shred

The “shred” pile is for all documents containing personal information that don’t need to be saved but should be properly destroyed to prevent identity theft. This is where our good friend the “Shred-a-thon” comes in handy. Many businesses offer shredding services, some even for free during annual events. It’s a small price to pay for peace of mind.

By sorting through these documents, not only do you ensure the safekeeping of personal information but also the proper distribution of precious mementos. It’s not always a perfect process, but it’s usually good enough and done to the best of everyone’s ability.

Next, we’ll delve into the process of selling your loved one’s house. Remember, their true “home” is now where they’re currently living. So, keep calm and carry on!

Takeaways from Tidying Up Documents and mementos

1. Consider dividing your loved one’s estate equally among their children to minimize potential disputes.

2. Make your loved one’s wishes clear by tagging items for specific people.

3. Choose the method of estate distribution that suits your family the best.

4. Save photo memories digitally for easy sharing and display.

5. Lastly, sort and store essential documents safely, trash the unnecessary, share the mementos, and shred the rest!

Join me next time as we continue to navigate this journey with grace, dignity, and a sprinkle of joy. Until then, my friends, take care and keep making memories.

Warmest Regards,

Carol Phillips

Seniors Real Estate Specialist and Certified Probate Real Estate Specialist in Phoenix

Author of “Transitions With Dignity, A Six Step Blueprint To Help Your Loved One Embrace Change”

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